New food service department gaining steam

Susan Szpyrka

Susan Szpyrka

Positions for the newest UCCS department, Dining and Food Services, are now open for applications.

Susan Szpyrka, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance, encouraged UCCS faculty and staff members to spread the word about job openings to those who may be qualified. The openings are posted at and can be found by searching “Colorado Springs.” A hiring fair for as many as 70 student positions is planned for April 14. A time and location will be announced.

“There has been a whirlwind of activity as the campus plans to assume responsibility for food service beginning May 24,” Szpyrka said.

In addition to the position openings and hiring fair, Szpyrka said the following actions are planned.

  • The meal card plan “Munch Money” has been temporarily halted as part of the transition from Sodexho to campus operations. All remaining balances will be honored. A new program is expected for the fall semester.
  • A steering team of faculty, staff and students developed a vision statement for the new department.

“The vision of UCCS Dining and Food Services is to be a recognized leader in service delivery and food sustainability to cultivate and nurture a healthy campus culture where access to wholesome, seasonal, and local food directly links to wellness, sense of place, and environmental protection. Aligning UCCS Dining and Food Services with campus sustainability efforts allows for the integration of academic programs and community action, thereby providing students invaluable experiential learning opportunities. This includes preparing and serving healthy, flavorful, sustainable, and nutritious food produced through fiscally responsible and mindful practices that nourish and support our community.”

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