New CU Next award: Supporting academic innovation by faculty across the system

Call for proposals coming in January
By Staff

New CU Next award: Supporting academic innovation by faculty across the system

The Office of Academic Affairs will be accepting proposals for the new systemwide CU Next award this upcoming spring semester 2022.

By supporting faculty pedagogical innovation, especially with technology support, CU Next aims to increase the efficacy and efficiency of student learning in courses and degree programs.

This CU Next award is focused on bridging the support gap for individual faculty seeking additional resources to innovate their courses and programs. The award aims to reduce barriers to hardware, software, programming, vendor contracts and other resources to individual and small groups of faculty pursuing projects that campus or department funding cannot cover.

This initiative requires that faculty from at least two campuses are collaborating in the project and that there is some level of campus commitment. Further details regarding this new award are available on the CU Next website

Project proposal requirements include:

  • Plan with multiple assessments across at least three class repetitions in different terms, up to three years
  • Submission by a Principal Investigator (PI) that is either a tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, clinical teaching faculty, or senior or principal instructor
  • Identifying all lead campus participants and collaborators from other campuses
  • Budget that includes all funding requests across all participating campuses
  • Commitment from all participating campuses to support the role of their participants

Individual awards will not exceed $300,000, with a range from $100,000 to $300,000. The budget range takes into account expenses across all campus participants.

Proposals will go through a campus vetting process by the principal investigator’s campus. The system CU Next committee will conduct a review of campus-vetted proposals and make final award decisions.

The CU Next request for proposals will open for submissions in mid-January 2022 and will be announced in CU Connections. The submission deadline will be April 4, 2022, with awardees to be announced by the end of spring semester 2022.

Questions regarding CU Next may be sent to