Monitor that laptop

By Staff

It's a frightening scenario: Take a quick break from your desk, return from the afternoon snack – and find your laptop computer missing. All files, tax forms with Social Security numbers – everything – apparently in the hands of a thief.

The Office of Information Security reminds faculty and staff never to leave your laptop unattended in a public place or open office. See more at

UIS data center set for move

Last weekend, University Information Systems (UIS) took a major step toward completing the relocation of its data center with the successful move of the following production applications from the UIS data center in Boulder to our new data center in Denver.


  • CIW
  • HR
  • FIN
  • Cognos
  • OID
  • SIRS
  • myCU
  • MotioCl

Users of these applications should experience minimal changes to their systems. The changes will be most noticeable in terms of cost savings and efficiency for the university. Here are some examples of the benefits of this move:

  • Real dollar savings:
    • $250,000 in hardware and software savings in 2010
    • $200,000 in hardware and software savings in 2011
    • $600,000 ongoing annual savings per year
  • Resource conservation benefits:
    • Increase computer resource utilization by 50 percent
    • Decrease the amount of space consumed by our datacenter by 96 percent
    • Decrease power consumption by 90 percent, providing $140,000 in additional savings
    • Reduce power and network cabling by more than 1,000 cables

The second major phase of the data center move should be completed by the end of May with the move of ISIS-related systems.

The third phase of the move, involving internal Business Productivity Services, is set for June. At that point, all old data center hardware will become obsolete and the entire data center will be housed at our data center provider,

Utilizing a co-location provider enables UIS to better serve all campuses while saving a significant amount of money and reducing our carbon footprint.