Meeting summary: Boulder Faculty Assembly

By Staff

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Boulder Faculty Assembly meeting
Feb. 3, 2011

For more detailed information please visit to read the most recent minutes, reports, current motions before the assembly and other items of interest to the faculty.

I. Chair's Report:

  • BFA Election. All faculty are urged to participate in the BFA election. Ballots will be made available on the BFA's website. The BFA is also seeking nominees for BFA committees and for Boulder representatives on the systemwide Faculty Council and its committees.
  • Faculty Governance Event Feb. 24, 3 to 4:30 p.m. The BFA invited all faculty to this drop-in style event. BFA members were asked to bring along at least one colleague. The chancellor spoke on the important role of faculty in governing the campus.
  • CU Branding Initiative. The BFA has requested a copy of the branding study report.
  • Instructor Status. Faculty Council is monitoring a bill on instructor status (HB 11-1057) and will meet with CU's V.P. for H.R. to learn more. The BFA Faculty Affairs Committee continues work on steps UCB could take to implement parts of the BFA's motion. Tenure-track lines for teaching faculty is stalled at the level of Faculty Council which, rather than voting it down, has tabled it for now.

II. Notice of Motion: Regarding Responsible Behavior and Displays Related to Race, Gender, and Sexuality The Diversity Committee presented a draft resolution and requested input:

III. Special Report: Student Behavior Consultation (SBC): Deborah Coffin, associate vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of students, reported on a new process, SBC, which creates a central warehouse of information and outreach to identify and monitor students who might be a threat to themselves or others. SBC avoids serving as a confidential reporting office, so it can do more to take preventive action. Reports of concerning behavior should be made directly to Coffin's office. Once a student is identified, SBC creates plans for intervention, accountability and the student's future at UCB.

IV. Special Report: Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA): Lou McClelland, director of institutional analysis, reported on UCB participation in the VSA and its associated Collegiate Learning Assessment test (CLA).The main activity of VSA is a national website to display data about public colleges in comparable form, The site has seen very few users so far.

V. Special Report: Budget Update: Highlights of Senior Vice Chancellor Porreca's report:

  • The State has balanced the current year's budget without asking higher ed to take additional cuts in the current year. Thanks are largely due to the president and chancellors' lobbying efforts.
  • The Indirect Cost Recovery rate has increased slightly. Last year grant funding grew to $350 million not including stimulus funds. Next year grant funding may be impacted by federal budget cuts.
  • Colorado's 2010 Higher Education Flexibility Act requires institutions to submit a proposal well in advance for tuition increases of more than 9 percent. CU-Boulder submitted a 9.5 percent 'placeholder' proposal and if the state makes no substantial cuts next year, CU-Boulder can drop its placeholder proposal.
  • The state's revenue forecast is due in March. The JBC will use it to create a preliminary state budget. While there is reason to be cautiously optimistic there remains a strong possibility of additional cuts. The campus is hoping the cuts, if any, will not be as large as in the past two years.

VI. The next BFA meeting is 4-5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 3, in Wolf Law room 204.

  • Speakers include Regent Joe Neguse and Athletic Director Mike Bohn. All faculty are welcome to attend.