Link in to professional growth with a LinkedIn account

One simple step unlocks potential of CU LinkedIn Learning
By Staff

LinkedIn Learning

The learning platform will upgrade to LinkedIn Learning in September. This enhanced tool acts as an online resource with videos and courses aimed at developing workplace skills. Access will expand to all University of Colorado students.

While nearly 35,000 people at work at CU, only 4,500 are connected on LinkedIn. For the best LinkedIn Learning experience, Employee Services recommends faculty, staff and students create a personal LinkedIn profile.

Here are the top three reasons employees should open a LinkedIn profile:

Personalized growth

Faculty and staff have the option to connect their personal profile to LinkedIn Learning. By doing so, they’ll get video, course and training recommendations based on job title, personal interests, professional growth and career goals.

In addition, supervisors will be able to share collections of assets to supplement employee growth. According to LinkedIn, 56% of employees say they would spend more time learning if their manager suggested a course to improve skills.

Build an online resume

A LinkedIn profile acts as a personal online resume, a great way to share professional accomplishments. Whether someone recently received a promotion or became certified in project management, these career growth milestones can be included in their LinkedIn profile.

When an employee finishes a course in CU LinkedIn Learning, a badge will be awarded and can be displayed on their profile.

Connect with colleagues and build your network

Networking strategies have changed, thanks to LinkedIn. Similar to other social media networks, employees can connect with former classmates, coworkers and supervisors to build an ever-growing professional network. With their connections, users can share their personal career accomplishments and latest industry news.

Visit this Employee Services webpage to learn more about the update and create a profile.