Hosts needed for Boulder Friends of International Students

By Staff

The University of Colorado Boulder is experiencing an increase in the numbers of international students. The international student population at CU-Boulder is now over 2,200 students, with the majority of them from China, India, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Kuwait, although students are from more than 85 countries.

Aside from adjusting to academic life, they also face the challenge of adjusting to life in Boulder and the United States. Because of this increase in numbers of new international student, the Boulder Friends of International Students (BFIS) is seeking new hospitality families. Local families have been participating as hospitality hosts in this very successful program since the 1950s. Many hosts and students have stayed in touch over the years, making this a special opportunity to make new friends from around the world.

BFIS matches families with students of similar interests. Although students do not live with families, they meet them regularly for activities, such as dinners, hiking, visits to museums or sporting events. Some students and families choose the traditional semester or yearlong matching, but others choose to meet for just a dinner.

To find out more about the program and to fill out an application to become a host, please see the website ( For questions, please contact Abby Caballero, BFIS Matching Coordinator (

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