HCM Review & Reports Workshops round out training Sept. 17-30

Final HCM training session covers improvements to data reports and queries

As the University of Colorado gears up for HCM go-live, the workshops are winding down with a final session on new reporting tools.  

As part of the Elevate project, CU will upgrade its existing Human Resources Management System with Human Capital Management (HCM), an Oracle software that will modernize recruitment, payroll, time tracking and more. Rollout is slated for early November.

Professionals who use this software – known as the HCM Community– will learn about new reporting tools at HCM Review and Reports, the final workshop in a series of six summer training sessions. Workshops will be available on each campus and the system offices Sept. 17-30.

The session covers improved reporting functionality in HCM and CU Careers.

New tools expand data possibilities

Elevate project leaders say new tools will make reports more robust and much easier to run.

For example, users will have quicker access to common reports. HCM WorkCenters organize frequently used reports and links under tabs and lists, similar to bookmarks on an Internet browser. 

System users also have new tools at their disposal. Cognos pulls data from HCM, the Central Information Warehouse and Finance to provide snapshots of data trends over time.

PS Query allows users to find existing queries or build their own, pulling real-time data from HCM. CU Careers features a simpler, user-friendly way to access candidate and requisition data.

Because data drives many tasks in HCM and CU Careers, Elevate project leaders strongly encourage department users to attend the workshop and learn more about these new tools.

What’s next?

HCM Community professionals can now focus on training in the system. Department users can practice completing basic transactions in the HCM Training Environment, a mock version of the system. In-person Structured Lab sessions will guide users through common scenarios. Registration is now available in SkillSoft.

Following go-live, users can get assistance using the system during Open Lab sessions.

Finally, Employee Services published an online version of the HCM Overview Workshop, which covers key concepts and changes of the upgrade. If you’re an HCM user who missed the overview, consider taking the virtual course in SkillSoft to catch up before go-live.

How to register for Review and Reports Workshops:

  1. Login to the employee portal
  2. On the right-hand menu, click Training
  3. Click Start SkillSoft and enter your login information, if prompted
  4. Click Catalog
  5. Click CU Instructor-Led Training (the second folder in the list)
  6. Click Elevate: HCM Campus Workshops
  7. There are six training topics. Click on the topic you’d like to attend.
  8. Once you’ve found a training that works for your schedule, click Enroll on the furthest column to the right. You’ll be emailed an enrollment confirmation, which you can link to your Outlook calendar.

To access the virtual HCM Overview Workshop, follow the steps 1-6 above, then:

  1. Select the CU: HCM Overview Workshop and click (Launch)


Send an email to or visit to learn more about HCM Campus Workshops and the CU Elevate project.