GLBTQ networking event to debut at CU-Boulder

By Staff

Next week, Career Services at CU-Boulder is co-hosting a first-of-its-kind GLBTQ Networking Event. If someone in your organization would like to support the GBLTQ community in a positive, professional way, please consider joining the event, 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Center for Community (C4C), Abrams Lounge.

This evening is designed to help students learn the art of networking in a "live" situation. Your attendance will be both as a mentor, and as a professional representative for your organization. Please dress in business or business casual attire, and bring plenty of business cards.

At 5:30 p.m., each professional in the room will briefly introduce themselves, which will help identify you as someone our students may like to meet. Throughout the evening, we will ask that you not only meet and learn about our students, but also when appropriate, to give students pointers about how to best break into a conversation, ask questions about you and your organization, or any other aspect of networking you feel they can improve upon. Appetizers and nonalcoholic drinks will be served.

This event is hosted by the GLBTQ Resource Center, the GLBTQ Business Student Alliance, The Student Alliance for GLBTQ Engineers, and Career Services. To register, please login to Career Buffs Career Events and select GLBTQ Networking Event, or contact

HOW TO REGISTER through Career Buffs:
Please login to Career Buffs (in the left gold bar) found at this webpage:
2. To register for this event, use your Career Buffs account, hover your cursor over the tab titled Career Events, Select "search" then select NETWORKING EVENT, and then choose the event you wish to attend.
3. Optional sponsorship is available. This will include your name and logo on all of the promotional items and special recognition during the event. You will be able to provide credit card or check information during the registration process.

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