Giving Back: For HR team, it's all about the people

By Staff
Julie Palmer, left, prepares items with Becka Hill

Julie Palmer, left, prepares items with Becka Hill

UC Denver's Human Resources (HR) team knows people. The work they perform every day is all about helping, advising, training and representing the best interests of our faculty and staff.

For the second year of UC Denver's Giving Back Campaign, the HR team extended its passions about people to help make a brighter holiday season at Denver's Warren Village. This organization's goal is to give struggling single-parent families the opportunity to change the direction of their lives and become valued members of society.

The HR team of 22 volunteers headed over to Warren Village recently to help get the community Holiday Shop ready for the holidays. They helped to unload vans of donated gifts, sort and catalog the items in preparation for the families at Warren Village to shop for gifts to give to immediate family members at no cost. There were toys for the kids and other items to help parents in transition.

"In this time of uncertainty and sacrifice for most of us, it was heartening to see the generosity of others who care about the children and families of Warren Village," said HR's Julia Agazio. "I thought there might be fewer donations this year compared to last year, but it was just the opposite – quite an eye opener for me."

This effort easily could become a tradition; this was the HR team's second year working with Warren Village. Last year volunteers helped with cleanup efforts following the Warren Village annual holiday party.