Free Web accessibility teleconference set for Sept. 27

By Staff

The University of Colorado Boulder will host a live feed to the Accessibility Summit Teleconference at the Bechtel Collaboratory at the Discovery Learning Center on Sept. 27. The daylong event is presented by experts in universal design, accessibility and best practices and is for all those interested in effective and accessible Web design.

Seating is limited at this event, which is free for the CU-Boulder campus and is sponsored by the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Technology and the Office of the ADA Coordinator. For more information or to RSVP, visit

The teleconference agenda:

8 a.m.: Color for the Colorblind, David Berman, Strategic Consultant

9 a.m.: The Inexactness of Web Accessibility, Jared Smith, WebAIM

10 a.m.: Accessibility and HTML5, John Foliot, Stanford University

11 a.m.: Screenreaders, ARIA and HTML5, Jason Kiss, Accessibility Consultant and Researcher

Noon: Break

1 p.m.: Captioning Strategy, Glenda Sims, Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque

2 p.m.: Integrating Accessibility Across Devices, Henny Swan, Inclusive Design and Accessibility Consultant for the Web

3 p.m.: Watch Your Language, Matt May, Accessibility Evangelist at Adobe

4 p.m.: Everything I Know about Accessibility I Learned from Star Wars, Derek Featherstone, Accessibility Specialist

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