Faculty Council Committee Corner: Educational Policy and University Standards

Recent work of EPUS focuses on faculty-centric Regent Article 5
By Staff

Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing CU Connections series in which the Faculty Council highlights each of its committees and their efforts. See past installments here.

As a committee of the Faculty Council, the Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS) Committee considers and recommends policies on education, academic and procedural standards, including:

  • university academic standards, including the uniform grading policy,
  • procedural standards affecting academic affairs common to all academic units of the university,
  • honorary degrees and recognition medals, and
  • evaluation and improvement of learning and teaching at all university levels.

In recent years, the EPUS committee has reviewed and made recommendations on many policies that are crucial to the academic and professional aspects of the faculty. For example, it has provided feedback to the administration on policies that have included: Article 4 (Organization of Academic Units), APS 5012 (Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in Research), APS 5002 (Faculty Appointment Process), APS 1019 (Degree Program Review) and APS 4013 (Disclosure of Interests).

Most recently, the committee’s primary focus has been the review of Regent Article 5 and its associated policies. Article 5 is of paramount importance for faculty, as it deals with appointment and evaluation, academic freedom and freedom of expression, faculty governance, dismissal for cause and grievances. EPUS has been working diligently to review proposed changes and to share faculty feedback with Michael Lightner, vice president for academic affairs, who oversees the review of the Regent Laws and Academic Policies.

Looking ahead, EPUS will continue with the review of Academic Policy Standards and the ongoing review of the Regents Laws and Policies. We invite comments — which may be posted below or directed to the EPUS committee chair, David Thompson ( – regarding what university policy issues concern you most on education, academic and procedural standards.

CU Faculty Council EPUS Committee members (2017-18): David Thompson (Committee Chair; CU Anschutz Medical Campus), Lawrence Cunningham (Committee Vice Chair; CU Denver), Rick Collins (Committee Secretary; CU Boulder), Neil Box (CU Anschutz), Helen Macfarlane (CU Anschutz), Monique French (CU Colorado Springs), Mark Malone (CU Colorado Springs), Terry Boult (CU Colorado Springs), Sarah Fields (CU Denver), Vivian Shyu (CU Denver), Michael Lightner (CU system)*, Jill Taylor (CU system)*


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