Faculty Council Committee Corner: Communications

Group strives to keep information flowing within community
By Staff

Faculty Council Committee Corner: Communications
Faculty Council Communications Committee members, top row from left, Stavrositu, Ibacache, Feliciano, Bondelevitch and Cunningham; bottom row from left, Rosenthal, Malhotra, Eberhardt and Dedrick.

Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing CU Connections series in which the Faculty Council highlights each of its committees and their efforts. See past installments here.

The Faculty Council Communications Committee (FCCC) has been charged with enhancing the communication of information within the university, and to the broader communities impacted by the university, in several ways: advising systemwide communication media to ensure inclusion of relevant content, identifying appropriate technology used to communicate information, and coordinating the flow of information among campuses and with systemwide university communications, among others.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, FCCC has continued its efforts to increase the visibility of the Faculty Council (FC) and its standing committees, in several ways.

First, FCCC’s most recent initiative consists of sending out the twice-yearly FC Newsletter via e-mail to all CU faculty (see archive here). The newsletter is in its second year and serves as a venue for disseminating relevant information about the work being done by the council and its committees, as well as to promote FC-sponsored events.

Second, FCCC has been collaborating with CU Connections Editor Jay Dedrick toward the publication of Committee Corner articles for FC committees. You can read more about current and recent projects undertaken by FC committees by browsing all past installments of these articles here.

Third, FCCC continues to maintain and update as needed the Faculty Guide, which is housed on the CU Faculty Council website and serves as a comprehensive repository of resources and information for new and existing faculty members from all four campuses.

Lastly, FCCC seeks to work with campus new faculty orientation coordinators on including relevant informational materials about the Faculty Council in packets that new faculty receive as part of their onboarding process upon joining CU.

The committee is currently recruiting representatives from CU Denver, CU Boulder and CU Anschutz. Feel free to contact any of our members with questions or comments:

  • Carmen Stavrositu, Chair, UCCS, Communication
  • Kathia Ibacache, Vice Chair, CU Boulder, University Libraries
  • Leilani Feliciano, Secretary, UCCS, Psychology
  • David Bondelevitch, CU Denver, College of Arts and Media
  • Larry Cunningham, CU Denver, Business
  • Liesl Eberhardt, UCCS, Communication
  • Jodie Malhotra, CU Anschutz, School of Pharmacy
  • Laura Rosenthal, CU Anschutz, School of Nursing
  • Jay Dedrick, CU system, University Relations (non-voting member)