Faculty Council approves revisions to conflict-of-interest policy

Group also hears update on review of Board of Regents laws and policies

The Faculty Council has passed a motion for approval to proposed revisions in Administrative Policy Statement 5012, which clarifies requirements relating to conflicts of interest in research and teaching.

The council approved the motion at its final meeting of the academic year, May 11 at 1800 Grant St. The changes would take effect in July, pending the approval of President Bruce Benson.

The meeting also included discussion of the upcoming review of Article 5 of the Board of Regents laws and policies. Article 5 is relevant to all faculty, as it entails appointment and evaluation, principles of academic freedom, faculty government, and dismissal for cause and grievances.

Michael Lightner, vice president for academic affairs, is leading the review of academic policies, which is part of the ongoing systemwide review of CU Regent laws and policies. Members of the CU community and the public may track progress and provide input at this website.

“Our current thinking is to try as much as possible to keep the current structure of Article 5, so that if we can reach agreement on particular sections, we can send them forward whether they’re changed or unchanged,” Lightner told the council. “Trying to get all of Article 5 done at once would be too big a lift.”

Lightner said discussions with all campus faculty assemblies will need to take place during the process, with issues potentially pertaining to all of the Faculty Council’s committees.

The systemwide review of Regent laws and policies is expected to continue through late next year. It is being led by Patrick O’Rourke, vice president, university counsel and secretary of the board, in coordination with Leonard Dinegar, senior vice president and chief of staff.