Enrolling children up to age 27

By Staff

As a result of recent federal healthcare reform legislation, children up to age 27 are eligible for University of Colorado health and dental plan coverage for the 2010-11 plan year. You must elect coverage for your children and verify their eligibility with Payroll & Benefit Services (PBS) during the open enrollment period. Required documents must be submitted by 5 p.m. May 21. Health coverage provided for these children is now generally tax-free, which will eliminate the need to mark them as federal or qualified tax dependents. However, employees and retirees enrolling a same gender domestic partner (SGDP) and SGDP children will need to mark them as tax dependents. If not, they will by default be designated nonfederal/nonqualified tax dependents and be subject to additional taxes (imputed income).

The state of Colorado has not extended eligibility to classified employees' children up to age 27 for its health plans (State Kaiser and the other state plans) and dental plans for the 2010-11 plan year.