Diversity and Inclusion Summit aims to convert talk into action

CU-Boulder event set for Nov. 13-14
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CU-Boulder Diversity and Inclusion Summit

CU-Boulder’s 2013 Diversity and Inclusion Summit is set for Nov. 13-14.

This year’s theme is “Building the Road Map: Realizing Diversity and Inclusion for CU-Boulder, the city of Boulder and Boulder County,” with sessions designed to take attendees “beyond talking” to actionable outcomes that could be implemented over the coming year.

The CU-Boulder Summit Planning Committee invites all University of Colorado faculty, staff and students to attend the morning of Nov. 13 to hear from Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia, CU professor Adam Bradley and keynote speaker professor Patricia Gurin.

Schedule info:

Highlights include

  • Keynote speaker Patricia Gurin will discuss “Engaging Diversity: More Important Than Ever.” Professor Gurin will extend the social science evidence that was key in the 2003 Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling on the educational benefit of diversity.
  • CU-Boulder professor Adam Bradley will offer an address titled “A Hip-Hop Road to a Diverse Future.”
  • Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia will offer insights on the critical importance of diversity and inclusion for the state of Colorado.
  • Steven Hayward, visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy, will discuss the intersectionality of Environmental Justice and Social Justice.
  • Law professor Melissa Hart will present “Diversity Under Scrutiny,” a look at how the ongoing Fisher v. University of Texas case will have consequences for public universities all over the country.
  • Our partners at the city of Boulder will present on “Hidden Disabilities,” which will recognize and address barriers and opportunities for physical changes in facilities and work spaces to make them more accessible.
  • Panel discussion on “Where have we come from” will cover significant milestones from campus and the community. Invited panelists include Dick Jessor (Jessor Report from 1970) and noted community members.
  • This session lays the groundwork for follow-on sessions “Where are we Now/Where are we Going?” in which our partners at the city and county will ask targeted questions, lead dialogues, and gather info at these focus-group-oriented sessions. The info gathered will direct the planning committee’s efforts in the coming year and will also help form a bridge between CU, the city of Boulder and Boulder County.
  • “Infusing Multiculturalism Into Planning, Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Practice” will cover concrete actions that will be provided for stepping through the long processes of planning, recruiting, hiring, orienting, working with current employees, and retaining new hires.


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