CU records second-best fundraising year

By Staff

The generosity of University of Colorado donors resulted in the second-best fundraising year in university history. CU raised some $455 million across its four campuses in fiscal year 2019-20, which is only eclipsed by last year, when a nine-figure gift late in the fiscal year pushed the total past $500 million.

“We are incredibly grateful to our donors, who add substantial value to CU students, faculty and programs through their generous contributions,” said CU President Mark Kennedy. “Through scholarships, research initiatives and program advancements, our donors enhance quality at CU and make us a much stronger institution.”

Kennedy lauded the university’s advancement staff for its “tireless work” in engaging with donors. He said the effort was particularly impressive, given that the pandemic struck in the final quarter of the fiscal year, a time that usually sees considerable activity in terms of gifts received. Kennedy also noted that donors earmark their contributions for specific scholarships, programs, faculty positions or research projects, and that the funds cannot be diverted to general operations of the university.

“This year’s total is not just testament to the confidence that donors have in CU, its people and its activities, as well as their incredible generosity,” said Annie Baccary, associate vice president and interim advancement administration officer. “We also have a great advancement team on each of our campuses that does a great job pairing our donors’ passion with CU’s people and programs.

“We’re extremely grateful to have people who make a significant impact on Colorado and beyond by investing through CU to make our communities, state and nation better places,” she said.