CU has strong presence in Oracle’s Higher Education User Group

By Staff

The University of Colorado’s Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles underscore the university’s commitment to leadership, public service and excellence in every aspect of our operations. One of the ways CU’s University Information Systems office (UIS) supports these operating guidelines is by actively participating in industry-standard organizations that advance technology within higher education.

Because the majority of our enterprise applications (admissions, financial aid, human resources, finance, etc.) are developed using Oracle applications, UIS and other System Administration and campus departments participate in Oracle’s Higher Education User Group (HEUG) with a strong presence within their advisory groups and at Oracle’s annual user conference, Alliance.

Why are HEUG and Alliance important to the university?

HEUG is focused on ensuring that the needs of the higher education community are heard and that these needs are reflected in the application releases Oracle provides. The organization also supports knowledge transfer and learning amongst Oracle practitioners to make our industry stronger overall. The annual Alliance conference brings over 3,500 active users together over an intensive three days to share and learn best practices and to build strong networks between universities.

University involvement

UIS and partners on our campuses and within System Administration show a strong presence as active participants in HEUG advisory groups and committees, providing input and feedback on planned application releases and helping drive decisions that affect the global higher education arena. The university also has a formidable presence at Alliance annually, with 22 employees from CU-Boulder, UCCS and System Administration, facilitating 15 presentations at the 2015 Alliance March 15-18.

Learn more about HEUG and CU’s involvement in the weeks leading up to Alliance.

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