CU Denver makes joint admission promise to community college grads

By Staff
CU President Bruce Benson discusses the Admission Promise program.

CU President Bruce Benson discusses the Admission Promise program.

A degree from the University of Colorado Denver can begin at one of the Colorado Community College System campuses under a new program called the CC to CU Denver Admission Promise. The program will provide joint admission at a Colorado Community College and CU Denver as well as on-campus advising from CU Denver and from the Colorado Community Colleges as part of guaranteed seamless transfer between the institutions.

The CC to CU Denver Admission Promise spotlights the University of Colorado Denver’s commitment to educating more of our state’s citizens and supporting them – wherever they begin their college education – in completing their bachelor’s degree,” said Chancellor Jerry Wartgow, Ph.D. “Advising from both CU Denver and the community college counselors will make the difference in helping these students not only earn their associate’s degree at their community college but also their bachelor’s degree from CU Denver.”

It’s well-documented that students who complete their associate’s and bachelor’s degrees have more secure financial futures than those who don’t. Research shows that a full-time worker with a bachelor’s degree earns 84 percent more money over a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma. Workers who earn an associate’s degree have earnings 35 percent higher than high school graduates and up to 100 percent higher in the health care fields. Likewise, college graduates’ unemployment rates in 2011 were less than half that of those who only graduated from high school.

Advisers often play a critical role in a student’s degree completion. High-quality academic advising has been repeatedly shown to have a positive impact on student retention. The CC to CU Denver Admission Program partners students with CU Denver and Colorado Community College advisers from the time they begin their studies and ensures the students meet regularly with the advisers to assure they are on track.

Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, who also serves as executive director of the Department of Higher Education and who has led both community college and university campuses, voiced his support of the program: “Bringing the opportunities of a college education to first-generation and low-income students is important for these students, their families and the whole community. Programs like this Admission Promise strengthen the pipeline from community college to four-year colleges and universities and play a vital role in increasing the college education of our future workforce.”

Nancy McCallin, president of the Colorado Community College System, lauded the agreement.

“Our community colleges look to serve students in every aspect of their educational aspirations,” McCallin said. “The CC to CU Denver Admission Promise is a valuable partnership with University of Colorado Denver that provides a clear pathway from high school to an associate’s degree and from an associate’s degree to a baccalaureate degree. This partnership offers affordable higher education opportunities to our citizens in a seamless manner. We know that to be competitive in the 21st century global economy, we must educate more Coloradans and this new partnership will increase college attainment and student success in the state.”

Besides joint admission to both the participating community college and the University of Colorado Denver, the Admission Promise also is the first adviser-intensive program by a public Colorado university to extend across metro Denver. It’s modeled after the very successful Denver Transfer Initiative (DTI) between CU Denver and the Community College of Denver. The DTI program’s success underscores the importance of advising in students’ success, with 98 percent of these students staying in school.

Students in the Promise program agree to meet certain academic standards that are established by the CU Denver schools and community colleges they choose to attend. They must enter the community college as a first-time freshman and have not had any previous courses to be eligible for this program.  Students also agree to meet with their assigned CU Denver academic adviser at least once a term. These advisers will travel to the community colleges to make meetings as convenient as possible for their students.

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