CU community invited to offer input on new DEI statement for Regent Policy

Submit feedback on proposed language by April 28
By Staff

The University of Colorado community is invited to review a newly drafted diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statement for Regent Policy 10 and to provide feedback before its eventual consideration by the Board of Regents.

Regent Policy 10, which is in the process of being updated, contains several subsections regarding nondiscrimination (also found in Regent Law 8A) and diversity. Links to the new draft DEI statement and to information on other proposed revisions to Regent Policy 10 are posted at the Board of Regents website’s Regent Laws and Policies Review page.

The draft DEI statement includes a hyperlink button (“FEEDBACK”) for easy submission of input. 

Led by Judi Díaz Bonacquisti, senior diversity officer for the CU system, and Valerie Simons, chief compliance officer and system Title IX coordinator, a systemwide group of representatives from DEI offices, human resources offices and equity offices met this past winter to review and revise Regent Policy 10, focusing on the development of the new DEI statement. (The nondiscrimination statement, codified in Regent Law 8.A, is not part of this review.)

Feedback is requested by April 28 so that the Office of Policy and Efficiency may share it with leadership. Community input will inform revisions to the draft before its presentation May 18 to the Regents Governance Committee. (The committee reviewed an earlier draft of the statement at its March 15 meeting.)

Once the committee has reviewed the final draft, it may advance the statement to the full Board of Regents for its approval at the June 22-23 board meeting.