Chief Diversity Officer Cook steps down from role to return to consulting

By Staff

Theodosia Cook has resigned from her role as the system administration’s chief diversity officer. She will be transitioning full time to her organizational development and diversity, equity and inclusion consulting practice, Groundswell Change, LLC.

“We are grateful for Theodosia’s service to the university and wish her the best in her new endeavor,” said President Todd Saliman.

Emily Osan, who has been managing the DEI office during Theodosia’s parental leave, has agreed to continue in that role while we consider how we will fill this position.

President Saliman will be meeting in the coming weeks with the chancellors and the campus diversity officers to discuss how to advance this position and help the university accelerate work in this area.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are critical priorities for the university and me personally,” Saliman said. “I look forward to engaging our community on this important aspect of our mission.”