Change in email procedure takes effect July 1

New eComm delivery system will streamline large-scale communication to external CU audiences
By Staff

A long-planned change in email communication throughout the University of Colorado will take effect July 1, when the university’s new electronic communications (eComm) program becomes the delivery method for messages to external  (alumni, donors, parents and friends of CU) lists of 100 or more recipients.

CU has been in the process of implementing eComm to enable units, colleges, schools and departments to engage in mass email communications and marketing, electronic event management and hosting of online communities for alumni and friends. The project is a partnership among the Office of the President, the four campuses and the CU Foundation.

The eComm program uses an integrated suite of electronic tools on a single, shared platform delivered by industry leader Harris Connect. It works in conjunction with Advance, CU’s master database of alumni, donors and friends. The tool was selected during a systemwide process that involved the campuses, system and CU Foundation.

Among the benefits of eComm:

  • Ensuring the accuracy and currency of data on constituents;
  • Allowing for coordinated messaging and calendaring;
  • Addressing data security imperatives;
  • Meeting the legal requirements of CAN-SPAM legislation;
  • Reducing “email fatigue” of constituents;
  • Enabling users to control their preferences on how they would like CU to communicate with them;
  • Providing detailed analytics of mass emails and events;
  • Save money

The continuing implementation of the program will take its next steps on July 1, when emails to lists of more than 100 records will be delivered exclusively through the eComm program. Users may register and be trained on the program by clicking here to request access.

Support staff from the campuses, system and CU Foundation are available to help with the transition. Units that maintain lists separate from the Advance database may download them to Advance through a simple process at the eComm site.

This is only for electronic communications with external audiences such as alumni, donors, parents and friends of CU.