Campuses begin sharing Campus and Workplace Culture Survey results with Board of Regents

Analysis precedes campus action planning
By Staff

The Board of Regents on Thursday heard campus-level highlights of initial findings from analysis of the Campus and Workplace Culture (CWC) Survey, in which University of Colorado students, faculty and staff shared information about their experiences in their academic, workplace and residential environments.

The campuses are engaged in ongoing analysis of the survey, administered last fall at the request of the Board of Regents. The survey consisted of over 73 questions, not including follow-up, providing a broad wealth of information.

Survey analysis precedes action planning, details of which the campuses will share with the regents in July.

CU leaders – including the Board of Regents, CU President Todd Saliman and campus chancellors – are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive community where everyone feels respected, supported and valued.

“By learning from the survey results, our aim is to create and sustain a just, equitable and inclusive culture at the University of Colorado where everyone can thrive,” President Saliman said. “Achieving our vision will require time, effort and a long-term investment in the process, as well as collaboration across our campuses to get it right.”

While the CWC survey was a coordinated, systemwide effort, each campus and system administration oversees its own response. This includes having diverse groups on each of the campuses and at the system that can assist with developing action plans to address the results.

Campus stakeholders in February began reviewing local survey results, which leadership is using to better understand the current culture and to identify strengths and areas of concern. Campus communities are working to understand how the experiences of different groups and units vary; that information will be used to determine action steps.

The survey results also establish a baseline for each of the campuses so they will be able to measure progress going forward through monitoring of metrics and administration of future surveys. The CWC survey is one of many tools helping to inform, guide and support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts at the campuses.

Campuses are at different stages in their work and are focused on aligning their efforts to larger campus-specific DEI goals and strategies. Campuses will share more information and results on their websites as survey analysis continues: