Boulder philosophy program earns high ranking

By Staff

The philosophy program at the University of Colorado Boulder is ranked 24th among U.S. programs in the recently released Blackwell Philosophical Gourmet Report for 2011-13.

Considered the most influential ranking of graduate programs in philosophy in the English-speaking world, the report also ranked the CU-Boulder program 11th among U.S. state universities and 29th worldwide.

Graeme Forbes, chair of the department, said the department climbed 12 spots from its 2004 ranking of 36.

The report also ranks programs in various specialties. The CU-Boulder program was placed in the top group for Applied Ethics (along with Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton and Rutgers). It also was placed in the top group for Feminist Philosophy (with MIT, Sheffield and the

University of Washington). The Boulder program also was strongly ranked in a wide range of other specialties, including Metaphysics, Ethics and various areas in the history of philosophy.



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