Board Given Update on Diversity Resolution

By Staff

Board of Regents Meeting, August 12, 2020

The CU Board of Regents did not vote on a proposed resolution that had been referred to its Governance and University Affairs committees last month, noting that it was up to the committees to bring it to the full board.  The proposed resolution, first brought forward by Regent Jack Kroll, called for CU to strengthen its commitment to diversity. Committee Chairs Sue Sharkey and Lesley Smith said the discussions had been fruitful and there had been great bipartisan collaboration.

President Mark Kennedy said many of the tenants of the resolution were in the diversity plan he and the chancellors presented to the board on Aug. 4.

Regent Chance Hill asked, if the resolution was in good shape, that it be voted on during the meeting. Regent Linda Shoemaker noted she did not care whether the resolution was ever voted on, she wanted to see the on-the-ground change that brings about diversity, equity and engagement. Chair Glen Gallegos said the resolution would not be voted on during the meeting.

The regent committees are considering the proposed resolution in relation to action steps Kennedy, campus chancellors and system Chief Diversity Officer Theodosia Cook detailed on Aug. 4. Cook outlined additional advancements she seeks in the year ahead followed by the chancellors reporting on efforts underway on each campus. Kennedy emphasized that while progress in this area has been made, much more work remains. “We’re in this for the long haul and we are committed to success,” Kennedy said.