Behind-the-scenes star earns president's Employee of the Year award

Yuki Busch of University Information Systems takes prize at reception
By Staff


Yuki Busch, an information technology professional working as an Oracle database administrator in University Information Systems, recently was honored with the president's system administration Employee of the Year award.

The award and $1,000 prize were given in recognition and appreciation of exceptional job performance.

"Yuki is responsible for approximately 50 databases," wrote her supervisor, Carl Sorenson, in a nominating letter.

"This is a lot of work, and yet Yuki also is our primary PeopleSoft Application technology expert, managing upgrades and troubleshooting problems at this equally complicated layer of the technology."

Jason Armbruster, director of operations and infrastructure for University Information Systems, wrote of Busch's "quiet leadership" and her ability to deal "with tight deadlines and high levels of pressure with grace."

Scott Munson, director of application development with University Information Systems, wrote that he'd "never worked with such a skilled, yet humble, person who works behind the scenes."

Busch was honored at a reception at 1800 Grant St., Denver, where several system employees also were recognized for their years of service to CU:

35 Years:

  • Marcella Cruz-Lucero, Office of the President

25 Years:

  • Martha DeRose, Office of University Counsel
  • Marguerite Faber, University Information Systems
  • Marc Lesher, University Information Systems

20 Years:

  • Trudy Boudreau, Technology Transfer
  • Maria Buerman, Office Procurement Service Center
  • Vicki Nichol, Office of University Controller
  • Jenny Rattana, Payroll and Benefits Services
  • Ashok Sharma, Procurement Service Center

15 Years:

  • Stephen Fincher, Procurement Service Center
  • Alexis Kelly, Office of the Treasurer
  • Theresa Pew, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Dean Rossi, University Information Systems
  • Linda Wax, University Information Systems

10 Years:

  • Susan Anderson, University Information Systems
  • Howard Brazee, University Information Systems
  • Yuki Busch, University Information Systems
  • Debbie Chapman, Department of Internal Audit
  • Anthony Deangelis, University Information Systems
  • Carolyn Donadio, Payroll and Benefits Services
  • Betty Heimansohn, Procurement Service Center
  • Sharon Hettema, Payroll and Benefits Services
  • Anne Kelley, University Information Systems
  • Tanya Kelly-Bowry, Office of Government Relations
  • James Kucera, University Information Systems
  • John Lear, University Information Systems
  • Thuylan Nguyen, Procurement Service Center
  • Karen O'Dell, Department of Internal Audit
  • Normandy Roden, Office of University Controller
  • Mark Stanker, Payroll and Benefits Services

5 Years:

  • Cordelia Angel, Procurement Service Center
  • Christine Bauder, University Information Systems
  • Aaron Betterton, University Information Systems
  • Roger Cusworth, Office of University Controller
  • Alicia Dandeneau, Payroll and Benefits Services
  • Kelly Fox, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Karyn Hardy, Office of University Counsel
  • Jacqueline Harris, Procurement Service Center
  • Heather Hoyer, Office of University Controller
  • Jeannette Lund, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Mary Martin, Procurement Service Center
  • Kevin McClanahan, University Information Systems
  • Teresa Osborne, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Carolyn Proctor, University Information Systems
  • Jennifer Watson, Office of University Counsel
  • Kenneth Witt, Procurement Service Center
  • Kendra Zafiratos, Payroll and Benefits Services