CU’s 2023 impact report celebrates donors’ transformative gifts

Featured stories from four campuses show the power of giving
By Staff

Every “Wow!” begins with a great idea.  

Did you know? Every day, students and faculty across CU are doing incredible things. Like giving hope to Leukemia patients, driving education reform in Denver, or pursuing their dreams of curing MS. 

Check out our 2023 CU impact report to donors to find out some of the ways CU’s brightest minds are making a difference. 

In the last year, CU’s donors imagined the profound impact that scholarships have on students, how research drives education reform in Denver and what it means to give leukemia patients hope — just a few ways that our brightest minds make a difference in our lives.  

Read inspiring stories from CU’s four campuses that show the power of donors’ gifts in our 2023 CU donor impact report: 

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