University of Colorado Hospital names winners of Presidents Award

By Staff

The University of Colorado Hospital's Presidents Award winners for the first trimester of 2011 have been announced in six categories. Winners are:

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Outstanding Service: Nancy Gavi, R.N., BSN

World Class Care: Connie Chambers, R.N., Nurse Informatics Specialist; Carol Ruscin, R.N., Senior Quality Improvement Specialist; Holly Saratella, Database Analyst; 
Jamie LeLazar, Clinical Data Analyst; Cindy Chichirico,Medical Record Abstractor; Regina Green, Quality Improvement Assistant

Working Together: Cardiac Cath Lab and CVC Pre/Post Unit Team
CVC pre-post 3190 - Sally Glatfelter, Clinical Nurse; Kathy Gregorich, Clinical Nurse; Marjorie Heaman, Clinical Nurse;Ellen Hjort, Clinical Nurse; Addie Johnson, Clinical Nurse;Nina Johnson, Clinical Nurse; Sara Arias, Clinical Nurse; Ava Widicker, Clinical Nurse; Laura Ortiz, Clinical Nurse; Bev Page, Clinical Nurse; Elsa Schroeder, Clinical Nurse; Barb Strain, Clinical Nurse; Caroline Rocker, Clinical NurseCath Lab 3450 - Jessica Kus, Clinical Nurse; Kelly Hrovat, Clinical Nurse; Carl Jukes, Clinical Nurse; Peggy Kuhn, Clinical Nurse; Marie Maguire, Clinical Nurse; Lindsay McDonough, Clinical Nurse; Michael Panagos,Clinical Nurse; Carrie Parkinson, Clinical Nurse; Jennifer Phillips, Clinical Nurse; Donna Prince, Clinical Nurse;Fred Trendler, Clinical Nurse; Kory Foa, Clinical Nurse; Dr. John Messenger, Director, Cath Lab; Dr. Ivan Casserly, Assistant Professor, Cath Lab

Patient and Family Centered Care: Kathy Quintana,R.N., Charge Nurse, 4 Neonatal Care (NICU); Theresa Lubben, R.N., Clinical Nurse II, 4 Neonatal Care (NICU)

Rock Solid Economics: Deb Devine, Director, Patient Services; Mame Fuhrman, Director, Human Resources; Joanne DelMonte, Grad Nurse Residency Coordinator; Chris Hazelton, R.N.-BC, Clinical Nurse Educator; Jamie LeLazar,Clinical Data Analyst; Jennifer Heineman, Human Resources Generalist; Erica Velasquez, Human Resources Recruiter;Community Service: Yvonne Small, R.N., 4 North Neonatal Care (NICU); Louann Stout, R.N., 4 North Neonatal Care (NICU)

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