UC Denver employees recognized for years of service

By Staff

Chancellor M. Roy Wilson recognized more than 250 University of Colorado Denver employees Tuesday, April 27, during an invitation-only reception. The event marked the service anniversaries of employees in five-year increments. Among this year's honorees are 15 individuals who have worked for the university for 25 years, as well as five with 30 years of service and three employees with 35 years at the university. For a complete list of honorees, visit

Those with 35 years of service are Carolyn Waters, Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) medical library; Larry Garman, administration building services; and Sherron Blanks, School of Dental Medicine (SDM) clinic support services.

Those with 30 years are Scott Johnson, OAA educational support services; Roselee Robison, library; Holly Jones, SDM dental clinic support services; Dawn Rohr, College of Nursing; Ann Wilson, administration.

Those celebrating 25 years are Lynn Lickteig, College of Architecture and Planning; Hillary Fowler, dean's office; Debra Silva, OAA medical library; Cheryl Gibson, OAA student services administration; Azim Azimi, library; Farhad Vakilitabar, library; John Hughes, university police; Lynn Whitten-Erickson, university police; Peter Donohue III, CSA-AVCFO; Ida Lambert, AVCFO administration; Diana Taipalus, finance;Lisa Gates, (SDM) dental clinical operations; Donald Aldrich, dean, School of Medicine; Kelly Farris, School of Medicine; and Marcia McGowan, School of Medicine, pediatric critical care.

Twenty-six faculty members with 25 years of service to the university also were recognized by Chancellor Wilson during a reception earlier this month. Those honored were:

Louise Treff-Gangler, Auraria Library; Lonnie Johnson, dental medicine; Diane Dansereau and Charles Fergusone, College of Liberal Arts and SciencesJean Abbott, Mark Abzug, Sylvia Brice, Eric Ennis, John Freed, Frank Frerman, Donald Gilden, Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, Benjamin Honigman, David Kaplan, Lawrence Ketch, Giacomo Meschia, Joseph Morelli, Steven Nordeen, Gail Ryan, Robert Sclafani, James Shore, Mark Spitz, William Wood and Michael Yaron at the School of Medicine; David Ross, School of Pharmacy; and Eric Poole, School of Public Affairs.