Obituary: Robert Wayne Heath Jr.

By Staff

Robert Wayne Heath Jr., a longtime lecturer in mechanical engineering at CU Denver, died March 10, 2015, in Denver. He was 61.

He was born Jan. 30, 1954, in Colorado Springs to Robert Wayne and Wanda Irene Heath. He loved learning and being able to teach others anything and everything that he had learned. That is the reason he taught thermodynamics and air conditioning at the University of Colorado Denver for over 20 years. He also loved putting together and taking apart things so much that he got his master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

He enjoyed learning about science, space and was an avid sci-fi enthusiast as well as a history buff. Bob loved to spend his spare time completing Sudoku puzzles and watching shows like “Stargate” and “How It’s Made” with his spoiled puppy, Rowdy.

He was involved with the masonic lodge for over 30 years and was a brother to those in Denver No. 5, Nevadaville No. 4 and Central City No. 6. He held many positions within masonry including worshipful master. Although he enjoyed all aspects of his life, you could really see the passion in his eyes when he spoke of the masons. This is also evident by the large masonic tattoo he got when he turned 50. Bob loved riding motorcycles and looked forward to going to Sturgis most years. It always made his family nervous because he was so klutzy but you could see how happy it made him!

He had two daughters, Jenette (35) and Erica (31). He would do anything possible to put a smile on their faces and they had him wrapped around their little fingers. They were such daddy’s girls and although they could do no wrong, he could do no wrong in their eyes either. What brought him great joy recently was spending time with his grandchildren, Austin (8), and Danica (5). They absolutely loved how silly Papa Heath was and how he wrote so funny with his left hand!

Bob was preceded by his parents and younger brother, Richard Heath, and survived by his younger sisters, Sharon Blasdel and Karen Johnson and the mother of his children, Sharron Heath. He was a beloved uncle to many nieces and nephews who thought the world of him. He was an amazing father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend and Broncos fan. Bob was a very kind, understanding and loving man who cared for everyone to the best of his abilities and was always willing to help others. He battled with Type 1 diabetes most of his life but never let it bring him down. If you ever needed a pick me up, you could give him a call and were assured to feel better by the end of the conversation with his contagious laugh and positive outlook on life. He tried to act tough but never fooled anyone with his sweet demeanor. He touched so many hearts and souls during his time on earth. If you were blessed enough to have met Bob, we hope you cherish every memory of him in your heart. He will truly be missed by all who knew him.

-          Provided by the family