Krizek named first cycling professor

By Anonymous

Kevin J. Krizek

Kevin J. Krizek, professor of Transport in the Programs of Environmental Design and Environment Studies at CU-Boulder, has been appointed as the visiting professor of “Cycling in Changing Urban Regions” at Radboud University in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is reputed for its cycling culture and Krizek will offer his expertise and an outside perspective on the country’s transportation issues to create new research programs.

When asked what Radboud University hopes to learn from Krizek, Karel Martens, a faculty member in traffic planning replied, “A great deal, but one of the things is seeing what effect the e-bike has on cycling as a whole. Cycling longer distances is easier with an e-bike. So we can use the knowledge from the U.S; about cycling longer distances.”

Krizek joined the CU-Boulder faculty in 2012 and is the incoming director of the Program in Environmental Design. He is a 2013-14 fellow of the Leopold Leadership Program and was awarded a 2014 US-Italy Fulbright Scholarship. He serves on the bicycle transportation committee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies and is the Senior Transportation Fellow for the Environmental Center at CU-Boulder. Within the next weeks, he will be reading his co-authored book, “The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport,” which prescribes new strategies for transport and cycling infrastructure considering predominant technological and socio-demographic trends.

“Nowhere in the world is the practice of bicycle planning so woven into professional practice as it is in The Netherlands,” Krizek said, “but because phenomena like these are so well-integrated in the country’s culture (like tulips and windmills), few people have approached it as rich body of research – with aims to more successfully integrate lessons of sustainable transport into other planning settings and cultures.”