Hill elected to Institute of Medicine

By Staff


James O. Hill, Ph.D., director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  Election to the IOM is one of the highest honors in health and medicine and recognizes individuals for their outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

“I am honored to be elected to the Institute of Medicine,” said Hill. “I have worked throughout my career to improve our understanding of health and wellness and how we can improve our quality of life with that knowledge. This recognition from the IOM will help us raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating, regular physical activity and the right mental approach.”

New IOM members are elected by current active members through a selective process that recognizes individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health.

Hill is the author of more than 500 scientific articles and book chapters in the area of obesity. Hill and Holly Wyatt, M.D., were recently the authors of “State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet,” and have been conducting State of Slim Group classes at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

Hill is also Anschutz Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Director of the Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center.

Richard D. Krugman, M.D., dean of the School of Medicine and the University’s vice chancellor of health affairs, who was elected to the IOM in 2005, said Hill’s election recognizes Hill for his leadership and the high quality of his research.

“The University of Colorado School of Medicine is fortunate to have Jim on our faculty,” Krugman said. “His commitment to improving individual and community health through research and education is a shining example for all on our faculty.”