Faculty at College of Nursing leads creation of new standards for child care

By Staff

New and updated standards to keep children healthy and safe in early care and education are available from the University of Colorado College of Nursing, National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care & Early Education (NRC). NRC recently published “Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs, 3d Ed. (CFOC3).” The book is considered the benchmark document on children’s health and safety in out-of-home care and education.

CFOC3 was developed under the direction of CU Denver’s Marilyn Krajicek, working with more than 300 volunteer experts: 10 technical panels and panel chairs, a steering committee, and close to 200 stakeholder reviewers. Families, child-care providers, educators, and health professionals look to the University of Colorado NRC for the CFOC3 guidelines on children’s healthy development in a safe environment, whether in family child care homes or in early care and education centers. Available in print and in searchable, downloadable formats on the NRC website,, CFOC3 contains 686 early care and education health and safety standards.