Dropping names ...

By Staff

Choice, the magazine of the American Library Association, recently selected a book written by a University of Colorado Colorado Springs faculty member as an Outstanding Academic Title. "Local Economic Development in the 21st Century: Quality of Life and Sustainability," written by Daphne Greenwood, a professor of economics, and Richard P.F. Holt, was selected for the honor given to 10 percent of the 7,000 works reviewed by Choice eachyear. The titles selected are published in the magazine's January edition

... Daniel Segal, professor of psychology, and Sara Honn Qualls, the Kraemer Family Professor of Aging at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, along with Michael Smyer, psychology professor at Bucknell University, recently published the second edition of "Aging and Mental Health." The text's publisher is Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, N.J.

... Maria Buszek, associate professor of art history in the College of Arts and Media at the University of Colorado Denver, is co-organizer of – and will moderate – a panel on "Sonic and Activism: Exploring the Ties Between Feminist Art and Popular Music" on Sunday, Feb. 13, in New York. The panel will explore renowned women directly tapped into the alternative music and art scenes of feminism's second wave as well as today's most compelling contemporary feminist figures.

... Bruce Goldstein, associate professor of planning and design at the University of Colorado Denver, is the author of a new manuscript, "Epistemic Mediation: Aligning Expertise Across Boundaries Within an Endangered Species Habitat Conservation Plan," published in Planning Theory and Practice 11(4). The paper argues that planners can be epistemic mediators, creating and stabilizing technical knowledge claims that project authority by showing a responsive face to many audiences.

... Jeremy Németh, assistant professor of planning and design and director of the Master of Urban Design program at the University of Colorado Denver, recently was asked to join the editorial board of the Journal of Urban Design. Németh joins fellow department of planning and design professorFahriye Sancar on the board. He published an article called "The Privatization of Public Space: Modeling and Measuring Publicness" in Environment and Planning B, Vol. 38, Issue 1, with Professor Stephan Schmidt of Cornell University. The article can be found in the planning publication binder located at the reception desk in Suite 330, CU Denver Building.

... The research ofKen Ortega, left, professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver, was recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the broader impacts of activities in his research grant for highlighting in the molecular and cellular biosciences' MBC) performance assessment as well as for potentially publicizing on the website of the Directorate of Biological Sciences. Each year the National Science Foundation compiles "highlights" — brief statements describing research from highly successful and important grants.

... Ping Xu, University of Colorado Denver professor of architecture, published an article, "The Mandala as a Cosmic Model Used to Systematically Structure the Tibetan Buddhist Landscape" in the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research (27:3, PP. 181-203), one of the most prestigious journals in these fields. Her article examines the spatial and religious meanings of Tibetan temples and their integrative relationship with the surrounding landscape.