Dropping names …

By Staff
Josh Dunn


Josh Dunn, associate professor in the Department of Political Science at UCCS, recently was named by Education Week to a list of top scholars who contribute to public debates about education. Dunn was ranked 114 nationally. Rick Hess, a writer for Education Week, uses books and articles published and the degree that they are cited to rank scholars by their “footprint” on public discourse about public education. To see Dunn’s latest commentary on public education, visit Litt, assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Colorado Denver, joined Deborah Fryer of Lila Films and the American Public Health Association to produce “American Public Health Association: Environmental Health You.” The film presents a historical overview of public and environmental health in the United States during the past century. It’s a complex story of the interconnections between air, water, soil, food production and distribution, chemicals, population, climate change, national, state and local policy, and communities taking their health into their own hands. Learn about the success and challenges, regulations and radical changes this country has seen in the past century.