Dropping names ...

By Staff

Daphne Greenwood

Daphne Greenwood, professor, Department of Economics at UCCS, recently led a community discussion based on the book she co-authored, “A Brighter Future: Improving the Standard of Living Now and for the Next Generation.”  Greenwood and co-author Richard P.F. Holt explored the causes behind a faltering standard of living in the United States since the early 1980s and what can be done to restore it.  The different chapters in the book show the standard of living as being more than income, to include many non-market aspects such as access to public goods (roads, clean air and water, schools, parks, and museums), intangible aspects of quality of life such as equity and a sense of community, and broadly based economic opportunities.

Lawrence Hunter

Lawrence Hunter, professor in the Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, received the 2015 Outstanding Contributions to the ISCB Award from the International Society for Computational Biology. The award recognizes a member of the society community each year who has exhibited exemplary leadership, education, service, or a combination of the three. Hunter’s research interests involve the development and application of advanced computational techniques to biomedicine, particularly the application of machine learning and statistical inference techniques to high-throughput molecular assays.