Dropping names ...

By Staff

Robert McLeod, associate professor of electrical, computer and energy engineering (ECEE), has been awarded a patent for a technique to create lenses with customized optical and/or mechanical properties. This technique could be used, for example, to create contact lenses or glasses customized to a patient’s unique vision deficits, providing better vision than created by standardized lens. Alternatively, customized implantable lenses could be created to correct vision or even improve it beyond typical 20/20 vision. These custom lenses could also be used in telescopes, microscopes and other imaging modalities. U.S. patent 8,944,594 (“Systems and methods for creating aberration-corrected gradient index lenses”) was issued Feb. 3, 2015, after being prosecuted by the CU Technology Transfer Office on behalf of the university since 2012. This is the sixth U.S. patent awarded to McLeod and the first to ECEE research associate Michael Cole, also an inventor on this patent.

Jacqueline Berning, professor and chair of the Department of Health Sciences, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences at UCCS, presented “Food as Fuel: Eating for Optimal Performance on the Field at North Park University, Chicago. While there, she spoke with exercise science classes, food service personnel and athletic coaches and trainers.

Alexander Blackburn, professor emeritus, Department of English, recently published “The Voice of the Children in the Apple Tree,” a story of love that blossoms in the dawn of the atomic age.