Denman offers social media insight

By Staff

Philip Denman, social media and communication specialist, University of Colorado Colorado Springs University Advancement, shared insights into social media as well as UCCS policies and procedures during a Feb. 7 Chancellor’s All-Campus Forum.

Denman said social media turns communication into interactive dialogue. “It’s a two-way street of interaction – a way where students can talk to us and we can talk to them. We can provide them information and answer any sort of questions.”

Social media provides an opportunity to showcase the university where students spend time. Denman cited figures showing that 46 percent of high school seniors visit Facebook pages of colleges in which they are interested. Once those students have “liked” that college or university, they can get regular updates and begin to form an impression of the university or get information regarding application deadlines or other details.

Denman cited other uses for social media ranging from customer service to emergency communication as incentive for campus departments to consider using the medium. For example, the class of 2017 has started a Facebook page to share information about subjects ranging from best books to good places to live.

Denman also clarified that while UCCS does not regulate personal use of social media, employees are responsible for what they post on their personal accounts.