Boulder consortium director offers 'Usable Thoughts' in book

By Staff
Michael Glantz

Michael Glantz

Michael Glantz has a passion for climate study and a self-proclaimed short attention span. So the director of the Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB) in the Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) and Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) of the University of Colorado at Boulder, has written a book on climate change that is both succinct and understandable.

"Usable Thoughts: Climate, Water and Weather in the Twenty-First Century" functions as a contemplative discourse on climate change.

"Viewing the issue as beyond our reach, and blind faith in technology and engineering, isn't functional," said Glantz, whose work focuses on public outreach and education. Glantz has written numerous books, along with climate-related editorials that may be viewed at his Web site.

The book was created with co-author Qian Ye, a research scientist at the Consortium for Capacity Building, and is based on a large textbook by William Burroughs that Glantz helped put together.