Arthur J. Nozik

By Staff

Arthur J. Nozik, a senior research fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and an adjoint chemistry professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, won an international award that recognizes innovation in solar energy research.

Nozik won the 2009 Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization Award for Science and Technology. The international organization works with United Nations members to develop sources of renewable energy.

At one of the organization's recent conferences, he gave a keynote speech in which he lauded the formation of the group as an "important international step" toward meeting global energy demands through low-cost, carbon-free or carbon-neutral energy, and intergovernmental coordination on new energy policies.

Nozik and his team at NREL hope to develop technology that can directly convert the sun's energy into electricity and fuels at a cost equivalent to or lower than the cost of coal. As an adjoint professor, he has a professional affiliation with the chemistry department that allows him to teach courses and supervise academic programs.