Anseth group receives patent

By Staff

A research group led by Kristi Anseth – Distinguished Professor and Tisone Professor of chemical and biological engineering (ChBE) as well as associate faculty director of the Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology/BioFrontiers Institute – recently received a patent for a technique to create highly customizable hydrogel materials, which can be used in many biomedical applications like drug delivery, tissue and biosensors.

The CU Technology Transfer Office began prosecuting this patent application on behalf of the university in September 2007. The patent (U.S. 8,703,904, “Hydrogels and Methods for Producing and Using the Same”) was issued April 22, 2014. In addition to Anseth, other inventors on this patent include former ChBE research associate Brian Polizzotti (now of Harvard Medical School) and former ChBE grad students Cole DeForest and Benjamin Fairbanks.