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CU researchers pioneer new brain imaging technique

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and Anschutz campuses have broken new ground by providing a proof of concept that adapting lasers through fibers and a powerful DIY microscope can...

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Predicting gentrification: CU Denver research model predicts neighborhoods likely to gentrify

Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver unveiled a new research model that helps predict which U.S. neighborhoods are likely to gentrify. … The study found that policy had one of the...

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CU system President Mark Kennedy starts outreach tour

As part of expanding the system’s role in outreach, the new president of the University of Colorado system is visiting several areas of the state outside the Front Range. Mark Kennedy started on...

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CU Denver helps Pentagon battle the threat posed by deepfakes

CU Denver is hoping to develop automated techniques that can be used on social media platforms to ferret out the fake videos before they have real consequences. “It could create protests, riots,...


Thriving, not surviving: University of Colorado Colorado Springs Chancellor Venkat Reddy, Ph.D., on creating a culture of well-being and empowering students to learn healthy habits

Dr. Reddy talks about the importance of student well-being and how UCCS is committed to nurturing a culture of wellness that permeates the entire UCCS community and is a part of the university’s...

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Want to be a college dean or president? CU Denver training diverse, mid-level professionals to ascend higher-ed’s ranks

A first-of-its kind program at the University of Colorado Denver is helping people like Lynette Bates become the leader in higher education she wished she knew when she was an undergraduate.

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CU Boulder engineers fly drones into tornadoes to learn how they begin

Tornado warnings save lives. But to improve the warning time, forecasters need information about tornado genesis - how they begin. That's where CU Boulder's drones come in.

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Alzheimer’s research is getting a reboot at small companies focused on the immune system

“This is really a completely different approach than anything that has been tried before,” said Huntington Potter, director of the Rocky Mountain center, which is part of the University of...

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Nearly 81, Bruce Benson ends decade-plus tenure at CU’s helm by looking forward: “My life is working”

Bruce Benson delivered the same commencement address nearly 90 times at ceremonies across the University of Colorado’s campuses during his tenure as the school’s longest-serving president in 65...

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CU Boulder to teach entrepreneurship workshops in each region of state

Erick Mueller, executive director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder, said he thinks it’s the university’s responsibility to “help not only our Boulder...

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Prescriptions Fall 14% As Colorado Doctors Cut Back On Opioids

Meantime, CoBank is donating half a million dollars in a two-year grant to the University of Colorado’s Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. The new funding will allow a key drug abuse...

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CU Boulder breaks ground on long-awaited biz, engineering college connector

University of Colorado Boulder Deans Sharon Matusik and Bobby Braun stood alongside other university officials Wednesday as they dug their shovels into the hot dirt between CU Boulder’s Koelbel...

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Twelve projects win big in 2019 AIA Small Project Awards

Longs Peak Toilets, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado | ColoradoBuildingWorkshop and the University of Colorado Denver: Determined to find a better privy design, and a more humane solution of...


CU Boulder University Theatre gets needed upgrade

The University Theatre at the University of Colorado Boulder got an upgrade this semester with 24 new moving lights. The university bought LEDs this time around, so in addition to updating what...

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Rural Colorado faces a teacher shortage. University of Colorado Denver has plans to help.

Many of our students are working students with really deep roots in the community,” said Barbara Seidl, associate dean for teacher education and undergraduate experiences at CU Denver. “We believe...


How pharmacists can play a role in spotting signs and symptoms of mental illness

Recently, Walgreens announced it would begin training its pharmacists to start spotting mental health issues. It's part of a much broader push to get pharmacists around the country to recognize...

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CU Boulder faculty reach millions with website of engineering lesson plans

Fifteen years ago, Jacquelyn Sullivan and her team at the University of Colorado Boulder started a digital library of engineering lesson plans for teachers at the elementary, middle and high...

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CU Buffs football receives largest endowment in program history

(Kelli) Brooks, who lives in Southern California and is a partner with global consulting firm KPMG, finalized a seven-figure endowment that is the largest in CU football history. The previous...

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Retiring CU-system President Bruce Benson talks about his successor, legacy

Retiring University of Colorado system President Bruce Benson follows the advice he’s giving graduates at this year’s commencement ceremonies. Sometimes, the best-laid plans aren’t planned. “I...

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Op-Ed -- We’re part of your community, Durango, and you’re part of ours

University of Colorado Boulder researchers and Fort Lewis College scientists are studying everything from social and public policy adaptations to wildfire, to the environmental changes that fuel...

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How These Colorado Students Learn to Run With a Buffalo

Running with a 1,300-pound bison is not your average college extracurricular. Yet, each spring in late April as the semester draws to an end, students line up with hopes of being part of one of...

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CU Boulder to offer online engineering master’s in 2020

“A large number of the initiatives that we’re taking here are about expanding our reach, growing our access to people all across the state, all across the nation – actually all across the world,”...

CU Boulder students suggest downtown Longmont enhancements

About 30 University of Colorado Boulder environmental design students on Wednesday presented suggestions of possible ways to enhance downtown Longmont’s public areas to attract more people to the...

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