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Noel: Why preserve landmark buildings?

The recent battle over landmarking the Anderson House in the rapidly developing Jefferson Park Neighborhood led some to question the historic designation process, especially when the owner objects...

Denver Post

NASA mission reveals speed of solar wind stripping Martian atmosphere

NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission has identified the process that appears to have played a key role in the transition of the Martian climate from an early, warm and wet...

Mars Daily

ECHO Colorado launches to improve health in rural and underserved areas

Based at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, ECHO Colorado builds learning communities connected by video-conferencing technology across the rural and underserved areas of Colorado...

The Chaffee County Times

CU-Boulder commits to helping ease veterans' transition to college life

Though exact figures are hard to pin down, Camacho is among the roughly 1,000 veterans and dependents on the Boulder campus, which has been expanding and improving services and facilities for...

Daily Camera

CU-Boulder scientists await results of mission's brush with Saturn moon

On Thursday, Sascha Kempf, an assistant professor at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, was still awaiting the outcome of the data downlink from the instrument's cosmic dust...

Daily Camera

First two classes of Colorado Springs medical school students have plenty of local connections

The high number of local connections may help ensure that some of them end up practicing medicine here in the future - a long-sought goal of the nascent program, said Dr. Erik Wallace, associate...

The Gazette

Arrests for drugs, alcohol continue to go down at CU-Boulder

The number of arrests for liquor law violations dropped 46 percent between 2013 and 2014, with the number of arrests for drug law violations declining 52 percent. Those statistics appear in the...

Daily Camera

Boulder Takes Rare Step Into Conservative Orbit With G.O.P. Debate

 In this mountainside city of yoga studios, tech start-ups, and Buddhist-inflected cafes and bookstores, people are likelier to spot a wandering black bear than an elected Republican....

The New York Times

Islands around Anschutz in Aurora begin filling in

When the University of Colorado Denver first moved to Aurora in 2007, city officials anticipated that the surrounding north Aurora neighborhood, one dotted with scads of dingy hotels and motels,...

Aurora Sentinel

Denver Post TV: CU Museum of Natural History unveils ancient tools

CU Museum of Natural History unveiled ancient stone tools and host free activities on Oct. 10 to celebrate “Unearthed: Ancient Life in the Boulder Valley” exhibit. The event show a set of more...

Denver Post

CU-Boulder student loan default rate drops to 2.7 percent

In line with a trend at colleges and universities across the country, the University of Colorado's student loan default rate dropped to 2.7 percent for the group of students who began loan...

Daily Camera

Anschutz campus signs on for BC Platforms

“Our goal is to become leaders in the application of genomics research to transform the way we make decisions in the clinic and in our research,” said Kathleen Barnes with the School of Medicine....

Aurora Sentinel

Compare: Top 100 Innovative Universities 2015

University of Colorado system ranks 28th. ...


University of Colorado Hospital ranked among nation's best academic hospitals

University of Colorado Hospital is one of the top academic hospitals in the United States, the University HealthSystem Consortium said in its latest annual ranking....

Denver Business Journal

CU-Boulder to develop drones for severe-storm research

The University of Colorado-Boulder will develop drones that will allow researchers to observe and better understand the behavior of severe storms. CU-Boulder is the lead institution on a $1.9-...

9 News

Deal with UCHealth a win for Memorial

Memorial Hospital is a place I hold dear to my heart. My parents were both patients here - and I am among the untold people who associate the hospital with the most personal of moments.

The Gazette

It’s sci-fi, but the new movie 'The Martian’ has a lot of real science in it

Growing plants on Mars is feasible, says astrobiologist Thomas McCollom of the University of Colorado at Boulder. “You’d probably have to do some work on your soil first,” he says, to remove or...

The Washington Post

Fountain cemetery tour provides glimpse into the lives of veterans buried there

The annual tour of the grounds was started after the cemetery was vandalized in 2012, about a month after UCCS senior instructor Barbara Headle took students there to map and examine it during the...

The Gazette

CU Denver Students Designing ‘Hyperloop’ Pod That Will Travel Faster Than A Bullet Train

“This thing is going to be like a bullet train but even faster,” University of Colorado Denver senior engineering student Ben Cooper said....

CBS4 Denver

"Artificial" pancreas may give diabetic children new hope

Doctors and researchers at CU Anschutz’s Barbara Davis Center are testing a new treatment that could change the lives of millions of children and adults living with diabetes. The concept is known...

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CU’s New Venture Challenge putting out ‘quality businesses’

Revolar’s rise is the latest proof that CU’s New Venture Challenge is doing far more than merely providing a novel learning experience for students interested in entrepreneurship. “We’re really...

Biz West

CU Denver tech turns waste into buildings

CU Denver professor of architecture Julee Herdt is the creator of a patented, non-petroleum product that uses everyday waste to build walls, roofs and floors.

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