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CU Boulder study shows moon's separation from Earth

The study was a collaboration between University of Colorado physics Professor Shijie Zhong and former Boulder researchers Chuan Qin and Roger Phillips. The research was funded by NASA and the...

CU Boulder a member of new University Climate Change Coalition

"For more than half a century, CU Boulder has been a leader in climate and energy research, interdisciplinary environmental studies programs, and engaging in sustainability practices both on...

Daily Camera

EDITORIAL: CU schools the country on higher education

Meanwhile, Colorado's public universities are the envy of the country. Maybe that's because the dearth of government largess forces university leaders to manage institutions within constraints of...

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'Next space pioneers': Lunar robots in the works by CU Boulder undergrads

University of Colorado Professor Jack Burns leads a laboratory on campus that he describes as a mash-up between Silicon Valley and the space program with the help of two undergraduate students he...

Daily Camera

Science is a rush for those attending CU Boulder Wizards' 'Speed!'

The show was led by Nobel laureate and University of Colorado adjoint professor Eric Cornell, who was an easy-spoken host despite his advanced-caliber experiences. "I think it's a chance to kindle...

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One Denver gallery's walls have a story all their own

CU Denver Emmanuel Gallery is housed in the oldest standing religious structure in Denver makes an interesting backdrop for the current exhibit.

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CU Boulder researchers seek volunteers with heads in the clouds in renewable energy project

A team at the University of Colorado Center for Environmental Technology is teaming with Boulder's National Center for Atmospheric Research and NASA on what's known as CitizenSkyView. It's all...

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Dead & Company returning to Boulder's Folsom Field for 2 more concerts this summer

After ending a 15-year live-music drought at Folsom Field in 2016, it seems Grateful Dead spinoff Dead & Company are now the University of Colorado football stadium's official house band....

Daily Camera

Pharmacy students help provide free flu shots at Stock Show

“It’s been a tough flu year so we wanted to make sure that the vaccine was available. So, when the university reached out to King Soopers, we were able to donate 150 vaccines to provide to anyone...


How CU Boulder is growing greens for a campus dining hall without soil

Amid a sea of white towers where leafy greens will soon be sprouting, Alex Macmillan adjusts his name tag, boasting an unusual title for a University of Colorado employee: farm manager.

Daily Camera

Seminar series in Colorado Springs to examine multigenerational workforce

For the second year, the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs College of Business are teaming up to host a seminar series to address the...

The Gazette

Monster Black Hole Unleashes Messy Double 'Burp'

The giant black hole at the center of a distant galaxy has been spotted taking in gas and letting out two mighty "burps" of high-energy particles, lending support to the theory that such galactic...

CU Study: Medicaid Expansion States, Like Colorado, Less Likely To See Hospitals Close

The expansion of Medicaid helps rural hospitals stay afloat in states like Colorado, which added 400,000 people to the health insurance program under the Affordable Care Act.

National Public Radio

Birds develop PTSD-like stress responses from oil and gas noise pollution, CU Boulder study says

The industrial noise from oil and gas operations is causing nearby birds to develop stress responses similar to people with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a new University of...

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Now recording: CU Boulder students, groups produce podcasts

The University of Colorado graduate earned his Ph.D. in physics in August after an undergraduate education in Colombia. In October, Hernandez Charpak launched a podcast called LatinoLabs, with...

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Want to get fit in the new year? Focus on becoming more ‘metabolically flexible,' CU professor says

“If you’re not metabolically flexible you’ll have a hard time burning fats or sugars and that can set you up for disease,” said Inigo San Millan, an assistant professor at CU Boulder and the...

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UCCS criminal justice students prepare for life-and-death decisions

The increasing danger police officers face on the job in recent years has been enough to send even veterans into early retirement, but criminal justice students at the University of Colorado...

The Gazette

CU Boulder program connects student veterans to industry professionals

Lloyd Thrall, University of Colorado alum and Army veteran, enlisted the help of local technology and business experts to draft a program intended to elevate veteran assistance beyond platitudes...

Daily Camera

Fitzsimons Golf Course to close for massive redevelopment project

The FRA plans to add to the Anschutz Medical Campus with a Bioscience Innovation Building, a 110,000-square foot, three story building. The FRA is currently negotiating with bioscience startup...

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