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New CU Boulder hybrid courses incorporate travel excursions for winter

Two new, public courses offered in January at the University of Colorado Boulder feature excursions to American cultural icons such as New Orleans and New York City along with online components.

Daily Camera

Newly-approved shingles vaccine was developed at University of Colorado

A new vaccine that does a better job of preventing shingles was developed by researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. The Food and Drug Administration approved the new...

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CU Boulder official: Reinstatement of McNair Scholars Program to help underrepresented students

Martinez was a CU student in the McNair Scholars Program beginning in 2011, supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The program was defunded on the CU campus in 2012 after a 17-year history...

Daily Camera

Course fee elimination saving CU Boulder $150,000 in labor costs per academic year, admin says

The slashing of more than 60 fees tied to funding resources for different classes and academic programs starting in 2018 was touted as saving students more than $8 million, but its end was also a...

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CU Boulder professor probes funny bone's DNA

The University of Colorado's Peter McGraw thinks he's got the "best job ever," and for those who like to laugh, it might be hard to argue he's wrong. McGraw, 47, is an associate professor of...

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Strokes of genius in Aurora

Rembrandt collection stars at unlikely metro art Mecca on the Anschutz campus. It might seem odd to find the works of one of the world’s most famous artists hanging in the midst of a medical...

Aurora Sentinel

CU Boulder Arts and Sciences core curriculum revised for first time in decades

The largest college on the University of Colorado campus is in the process of updating its core, required curriculum for the first time since 1988. "It's been a long time since we visited and...

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Student artists beautify The Perk Downtown with new Colorado-themed mural

Over the last few years, the Colorado Springs downtown corridor has seen some major artistic enhancements. The Art on the Streets initiative has set up sculptures and decorated traffic boxes, and...

Colorado Springs Independent

Why do we have mass murder memorials?

Dr. Jordan Hill, Director of CU Denver’s Social Justice Program, talks about the best way to heal as a nation after the most recent mass shooting and the importance of mass murder memorials.


CU Boulder theater professor named commencement marshal

Bud Coleman likens his newly-announced role of University of Colorado Boulder commencement marshal to an understudy stepping in for the star of a production. … (Retired Dean of Libraries Jim...

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Final flourishes put on Ent Center for the Arts at UCCS

Colorado Springs Gazette

More on the cover story: Telehealth expands into new areas of care in Colorado

Developed in conjunction with the National Behavioral Health Innovation Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, offers three- to seven-minute teaching...

Denver Business Journal

5th anniversary of Memorial Hospital and UCHealth: Future looks bright

Five years ago, Colorado Springs handed the reins of Memorial Hospital to the state's newest hospital system, University of Colorado Health. These days, its leaders say the hospital is humming....

The Gazette

Meet the Piano Man of the University of Colorado Boulder

(Ted) Mulcahey is one of two piano techs at CU Boulder, and he is responsible for tuning and repairing all of the university’s 130 pianos. “You can always find notes that need a teeny tiny bit of...

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UCCS Economic Forum: Expect good times to continue for Colorado Springs

While some sectors of the local economy might slow slightly next year, forum Director Tatiana Bailey doesn't see a recession coming unless a downturn is triggered by a major "shock to the system"...

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CU Boulder engineering dean works on partnership with Longmont's FRCC, others on statewide tour

When University of Colorado Boulder Engineering Dean and space aficionado Bobby Braun rolled into Longmont's Front Range Community College on Friday, he was wiped from his weeklong tour of the...

Daily Camera

Colorado Springs facing construction worker shortage

Tatiana Bailey says part of the problem has been losing shop classes in high schools. "A lot of individuals also say well my child is going to go to a four year university and do this or that and...


Rate of Coloradans without health insurance remains at record-low levels, signs of trouble linger

“The question that the state’s going to have to face is: How are we going to try to expand coverage, when we’re doing practically everything that we know how to do, and we still have 6 percent of...

The Gazette

CU Boulder asks its community for 'big, bold' ideas on university's future

The University of Colorado is asking big-picture questions: who does CU want to be today? What about 10 years down the line? Twenty? And the most important inquiry: What do you think? There isn't...

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Cassini, flying vital CU Boulder instrument, signs off and plunges into Saturn

The pioneering Cassini mission to Saturn came to its fiery conclusion right on schedule Friday morning and its demise was celebrated — with perhaps a... tear or two in the eyes of some — at the...

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A CU student has a cheaper way to make prosthetics

Prosthetics allow amputees to walk again. The problem is they cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to fit. A University of Colorado engineering student is developing a cheaper way to make...

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Voyager Leaves The Solar System, A CU Boulder Scientist Looks Back

In 1977, NASA launched two space probes to explore deep space and expand our view of the solar system. 40 years later, Voyager 1 and 2 are still sending back images to the amazement of scientists...


UCCS Initiative to develop law enforcement leaders, bring training closer to home

The new Public Safety Initiative at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is meant to train better law enforcement and firefighting leaders closer to home. The program, which launched in...

The Gazette

CU Boulder leading the charge in new type of drone tech

Now, researchers at University of Colorado Boulder are dispatching this technology in a way it hasn't been used before that could help find lost hikers. The difference between the CU team's work...

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How UC-Berkeley has learned from Colorado

University of Colorado President Bruce Benson spoke Saturday about Berkeley's flattering imitation, before presenting an award at the Steamboat Institute's ninth annual Freedom Conference &...

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