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CU scientists will build a space probe for the United Arab Emirates that could explore the origins of the universe

The new mission, if successful, will be an impressive feat of unmanned space travel. Engineers will have to wait until 2028, when Earth and Venus align. Once that happens, they’ll take advantage...

Colorado Public Radio

Annual forum provides economic insights for Colorado Springs businesses, government leaders

Up-to-date economic data and insights from reliable sources never go out of style — and might be more important today than ever before. For those seeking information, the 25th annual University of...

The Gazette

5 recent developments that give doctors hope in the fight against COVID

The battle against COVID-19 is far from over, but Colorado doctors said there are five recent developments that make them hopeful. “We have a bunch of new stuff coming in the pipeline,” said Dr....


Nursing Students In Colorado Maintain Some Optimism: ‘Here To Take Care Of You’

“I think people are still going into nursing for all the right reasons,” said Dr. Tammy Spencer, assistant dean of the undergraduate program at the CU College of Nursing and a veteran nurse who...


Six Scholars Honored For Writing Best SCOTUS Brief Of The Year

Six scholars were awarded the Education Law Association’s (ELA) Steinhilber Award last month for writing the best legal brief of the year. Their amicus brief was presented to the U. S. Supreme...


National economic concerns strain Colorado business confidence heading into fourth quarter

The quarterly report marks Colorado business leaders’ expectations for the state and national economies, industry sales, industry profits, hiring and business spending. More than 260 business...

Daily Camera

University of Colorado leaders discuss college affordability in Fort Morgan

A delegation from the University of Colorado traveled to Fort Morgan on Monday and met with community leaders to discuss how CU can continue to make a four-year degree affordable and accessible...

Fort Morgan Times

High COVID Plateau In Colorado Somewhat Dependent On Vaccines For Children

 “There’s about 900 people in the hospital with COVID-19,” said Dr. Elizabeth Carlton. “Today it’s 884.” … Carlton is an associate professor of environmental and occupational health at the...


CU Anschutz expanding successful mental health program to teachers

After starting a successful program for health care workers to address the mental challengers brought on by the pandemic, CU Anschutz is expanding it to educators.


CU Boulder enrollment climbs to pre-pandemic levels

The Daily Camera

Anschutz Foundation donation to CU Boulder bolsters work in national security space

The Anschutz Foundation, the philanthropic organization tied to the family of billionaire Phil Anschutz, donated $2 million to the University of Colorado Boulder to support aerospace research...

Denver Business Journal

Colorado Could Gain Twice As Many Jobs This Year, Pre-Pandemic Levels Likely Won’t Return Until 2022

“We look at the data and have them comment on what went right and what went wrong compared to the forecasts that we released back in December, and then we do numerical update and a report around...

CBS Denver

A new Colorado law granting Native Americans in-state college tuition is already attracting students

CU Regent Lesley Smith said she met with Native American students a couple of years ago to talk about what the college could do to enroll more Indigenous students and two things resulted: the...

The Colorado Sun

Colorado’s Harvest Farm Battles Addiction and Homelessness in Unexpected Ways

“We think at least one percent of Coloradans could have opioid use disorder; it could be two percent,” says Dr. Robert Valuck, director of the Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention...


Tuesday event aims to educate public on preventing overdoses and saving lives

This is part of a months-long project by Marty Otañez, chair and associate professor of the anthropology department at the University of Colorado — Denver, and four students. … “Our goal is to...

The Daily Sentinel

Local educators tackle tough conversations on turmoil in Afghanistan

As the turmoil continues in Afghanistan, local educators are tackling hard conversations in their classrooms to help students better understand the events unfolding. … “A student was posting about...


Mystery Of The Grand Canyon’s ‘Missing Billion Years’ May Be Solved Thanks To New Tectonic Model

A new study coauthored by University of Colorado Boulder researchers reveals the complex history behind this gap of missing time, suggesting that the break up of an ancient supercontinent, causing...


First-Year CU Denver Students Enjoy New Dorms, Learning Commons

First-year students at CU Denver will have the benefit of moving into a brand new dormitory this week. The City Heights Residence Hall and Learning Commons is the first on-campus housing...


Researchers at CU Boulder one step closer to universal vaccine

Researchers in this lab at the University of Colorado in Boulder are working to create history. They’ve developed a first-of-its-kind scientific tool that could one day save lives all over the...

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CU Art Museum reopening after months-long closure amid coronavirus pandemic

The CU Art Museum will reopen on Tuesday after being closed for 17 months amid the coronavirus pandemic with a stated ambition to consider exhibitions in terms of equity. … “A lot of people were...

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