Volcanoes, the Failures of the Gods, and the Collapses of Empires

Friday, February 9–10, 2018
7:00pm – 5:00pm
Benson Earth Sciences, CU Boulder

The Center for the Study of Origin's first symposium of 2018 is coming up; Volcanoes, the Failures of the Gods, and the Collapses of Empires: One of the two most severe and long cold periods of the past few thousand years began abruptly in 536 CE.  The cold lasted for many years, and suppressed evaporation of water from oceans, therefore reducing precipitation resulting in droughts in many areas of the world. The cause evidently was immense volcanic eruptions. In this symposium, we will explore the controversy over which volcanoes were the instigators as well as the historical and religious consequences of the climate changes due to the eruptions.

The Symposium will be held on the CU campus on February 9-10, 2018 in the Benson Earth Sciences Building (Rm 180). Our keynote speaker, Dr. Clive Oppenheimer, will kick off our symposium with a talk on Volcanic Eruptions and People’s Vulnerabilities and Resiliencies. Visit our website to find out more about the event!

Free and open to the public. Please email Simon Pendleton (originsinfo@colorado.edu) with any questions.