Sutherland Seminar Series

Monday, September 9, 2019
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion, 4801 Riverbend Road, Boulder, CO 80301

The eight-part Sutherland Seminar Series covers in-depth topics related to bipolar disorders. Geared toward adults with a bipolar disorder, family and friends, mental health professionals, and anyone wanting to comprehend the challenges and complications of bipolar disorders, seminars are applicable, rooted in evidence-based research, and cover a wide range of subjects. The speaker is Dr. Alisha Brosse, the Director of the Sutherland Bipolar Center at CU and a licensed clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience treating bipolar disorders. Seminars are free, but registration is required at https://www.bchlectures.org/2019/09/sutherland/reg.html.