Social Media and the First Amendment IABC lunch 'n' learn

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
11:30am – 1:00pm
1800 Grant St., Denver

This International Association of Business Communicators event will feature CU's Jeremy Hueth and Kirsten Schuchman

Course Description
The advancement of social media as a communication tool has provided benefits and pitfalls, blurring the lines between private communication and public comment, and raising profound legal questions. As communication professionals, it is important to be aware of legal rights and possible repercussions when posting on social media, whether for professional or personal use. In this session, Jeremy Hueth, Managing Associate of Legal Counsel at the University of Colorado, and Kirsten Schuchman, Associate Vice President of State Relations, will discuss the principles of the First Amendment and focus particularly on how social media is being used in current legal and legislative settings.

Cost: $25 for CU employees: Registration: http://www.iabc-colorado.com/events/social-media-and-the-first-amendment/