Exploring Digital Humanities lecture series: Miriam Posner

Thursday, February 2, 2017
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Norlin Library N410 (fourth floor)

Miriam Posner, the coordinator of the Digital Humanities program at UCLA, will give a talk titled “The Humanities Scholar, the Meanings of Data, and the Radical Potential of Digital Humanities.”

In the talk, she both explores ways that humanities scholars can profitably think of their materials as sources of “data” in the social/natural science vein, and uses the concept of data to investigate the differences between how humanities scholars think of their evidence and how social and natural scientists conceive of theirs. And she asks whether humanities scholars could bring their concern with nuance and uncertainty to the discussions about data and its display: what if, for instance, we built maps and data visualizations to show us categories like race or gender as they have been experienced, not as they have been captured and advanced by businesses and governments?

More information: http://www.colorado.edu/history/dhss/