Where did my check go?

I am becoming more and more concerned about my paycheck here. I don't expect my employer to worry too much about how much comes out in tax withholdings, however the recent changes have caused some very unfair pay increases and decreases through the entire system.

I was excited to read on the White House blogs about the changes to the tax laws and the increase in pay expected to come to me, the average worker. When I called payroll and told them they must have made a mistake, I was given the bad news. I did not realize this was only for Social Security-paying workers.

Another concern of mine is the fact that I'm paying the 2.5 percent employer match of our PERA. I don't see how us paying the employer portion of our PERA is helping anyone. Isn't that money then ours when we retire? I should be able to choose how much I want to put into my retirement. With the cost of living skyrocketing out of control, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be saving much for retirement. I have to buy milk and bread. Forget about luxury purchases. Really, when's the last time any of us had money to spend on entertainment? It's all going to necessities!

Perhaps if the state paid us livable wages, we could help contribute money back into the economy. Instead we have full-time employees who are living at poverty level making use of the state resources for assistance. How's that for skewing the numbers?

Donna Maes
Office manager, department of mathematics
University of Colorado Boulder